I’ve added a lot of little touches here and there in the Influencer series, but here are some that might not be clear from the text.

The cover image is influenced by the statue of Hermaphroditos in Louvre. Though Eudora might not be born as a hermaphrodite, she is reborn into it through technology.

She’s a tomboy that, due to crushing debt, is forced to sign a contract with Aphrodite. Through that process she becomes her priestess, a modern version of it, using her influencer status to promote her ideology and recruit more followers and priestesses. Specifically, he’s under the Futagen niche, which is a product aimed at transgender people. Slowly but steadily she increases Aphrodite’s sales, brings in more people into the business and gets rewarded for her efforts.
She is a survivor, after all.

Eudora’s story is sexy and very cyberpunk. It’s based on the tales of sacred prostitution, where women in Aphrodite’s temples would be rewarded handsomely for their sex work, while helping promote the goddess’ influence. Others would sign up for a specific amount of time of prostitution, and then they’d get a nice amount of cash and would be forever free from that obligation.

It was a different time, and it was considered pious, if that is possible.

Aphrodite was the goddess of sex and love, after all, so there’s no shame in that.

Eudora’s journey is absolutely bonkers. There are crazy augmented reality geese, cyborg limbs, sex, ballerinas, fashion, selfie drones. It’s noisy, it’s lewd, and it’s hella interesting to read.

Start reading Cyber Girls: Influencer here.


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